Bekele Gerba’s Federal High Court Speech

Bekele Gerba’s Federal High Court Speech

For us, this is a show trial. You name this hall the
“Justice Hall,” when ironically, under the law I was formally charged with three false verdicts in this same hall. Once it was ordered that serve eight years, then it was dismissed.

We are political competitors with the group ruling the country. When we have toured across Oromia, you have realized how people have gathered in large numbers to support us. As a result, the government repeats the same drama, to take us out of the election. Thus, l find myself in the same cycle, once again. That is why they are running smear campaigns against us, using their sponsored media, including foreign ones.

Surprisingly, they accused me of calling a protest in what they call “Hageremariam” city, saying, “Neftegna will not govern us.” It is only the neo-neftegnas that know where Hageremariam is. There is no city called “Hageremariam.” The truth should be known; the Neftegna’s will not govern us. The resources they are using to orchestrate their fake drama here is the one collected from our people. The government should have used this money to solve our people’s problems instead of wasting it.

The only way to solve this political problem is through genuine dialogue. Our political struggle is for justice and equality. However, there is a group that is desperately trying for dominance again. That is why they put us in jail. They will never achieve their political fantasy of “one language, one culture, one nation.”

It is worthless to call this hall “Justice Hall.” As a multiple time victim – ‘client’ of this court, I know that lot of Oromo heroes were sacrificed in this hall.

One thing is certain. We will set all free with our blood. Without a doubt, Justice and equality will come.

____Source: Oromo Political Prisoners defense team Fb page

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